Precision Interception

Proactively manage the emerging sick and prevent health exacerbation

Predictive Machine Intelligence to Target Adverse Clinical and Financial Outcomes when Actionable

Precision Interception supports care managers in curbing comorbidity development and preventing avoidable emergency department (ED) visits, hospitalizations, and intensive care unit (ICU) admissions by surfacing the patients most at risk of exacerbation at early stages to enable proactive targeted outreach and condition management. This solution integrates into the care management team’s workflows to enhance existing cost avoidance efforts by both identifying the emerging sick and by predicting the reasons behind their exacerbation.

Key Features


Predict the Emerging Sick

Identify patients most at-risk of significant worsening of outcomes and progression to a chronically higher risk state

Identify Individual Risk Factors for Targeting

Predict the causes of each patient’s condition exacerbation and cost increase to unlock greater outreach efficiency

Focus on Preventable Outcomes

Deliver ROI with proactive early outreach to patients to prevent or reduce adverse outcomes


Designed for Actionability

Integrated with existing care management tools to ensure actionability within existing workflows