Precision Treatment

Inform the right treatment choices for each individual

Predictive Machine Intelligence to Inform Treatment that is Effective

Precision Treatment empowers providers with treatment effectiveness decision support for individual patients in real-time at the point of decision. This solution augments a provider’s existing knowledge with predictive insight into the treatments that may be most likely to produce improved outcomes for the patient at hand to support decision-making. By highlighting the treatments that are most likely to help an individual patient improve outcomes, increase adherence and minimize side effects, this solution helps providers avoid ineffective care plans, trial and error-based experimentation and low-value care.

Key Features

Patient-Specific Decision Support

Deliver personalized predictions of outcomes, adherence and side-effects to inform better treatment choices

Proprietary Machine Intelligence

Model how the outcomes for individual patients vary across a broad range of treatment choices based on thousands of parameters


Reduce Trial and Error Selection

Inform the right decisions the first time around and reduce adverse outcomes, waste, stress and uncertainty for patients


Designed for Actionability

Integrated with care portals, EHRs and care team operations for real-time use at the point of decision